Our Departments


  • Cancer surgery & chemotherapy
  • Minimally Invasive Surgery
  • Neurology Department
  • Radiology Department
  • Pathology Department
  • Orthopaedic Department
  • Physicians
  • Nephrology Department

Cancer surgery & chemotherapy

We have cancer specialists working for us who are experienced in the field of surgeries and removal of tumours. Our surgical oncologist will help the patients recognize the early symptoms of cancer and thus avail the treatment to handle it at an early stage. The availability of chemotherapy in our Cancer Department is quite helpful since then the patients don’t have to worry about the pre & post therapy issues of cancer. With the provision of advanced & specialized technology we make sure every procedure is handled by experts and medical professionals.

Minimally Invasive Surgery

Our Minimally Invasive Surgery benefits the patients with provisions of various processes of surgeries which are less painful and also requires lesser stay at the hospital. This way we do serve our patients with substitute procedures where there are quicker chances of recovery. Under this provision of surgeries we also perform various Endoscopes which are performed by trained and experienced doctors.

Neurology Department

With this branch of science dealing with disorders of the nervous system and includes the main areas of Neurology which are the autonomic, central and peripheral nervous systems. Our Neurology Department is capable of all comprehensive neurology practises which are carried off by experts in this particular field so that the risk chances are almost zero. With highly skilled neurologists and neurosurgeons, we also have adults as well as paediatric specialists who make sure that every patient is diagnosed well and given the proper treatment as per his ailment.

Radiology Department

The Radiology Department is highly specialized in diagnosing and treating injuries and diseases with the usage of various medical imaging techniques like X-ray, ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), fusion imaging etc. With a team of specialists, we deal with these procedures which are being correlated with other examinations & tests to get the final reports of the patient. Since some of the processes are quite harmful for the human body thus they’re only performed after proper recommendation and performed by trained & certified physician under well-equipped circumstances.

Pathology Department

This particular department deals with the study and diagnosis of disease which could be easily performed by examining bodily fluids, tissues, removed body organs or autopsy. Since all these procedures are pretty critical and require proper certification to be performed, therefore we own Pathologists who are specialized in diagnosis of various diseases and genetic studies. This way our Pathology Department is well-organized equipped so that on-time reports could be made to begin with the treatment of the patients.

Orthopaedic Department

Our Orthopaedic Department is having some learned surgeons and skilled professionals who are basically devoted to prevention, diagnosis and treatments of bones, joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons. As a team of specialists, our Orthopaedic surgeons deal with various problems like bone tumours, osteoporosis, orthopaedic trauma, arthritis etc. We mainly focus on skeletal deformities & other musculoskeletal disorders, for which we have skilled Orthopaedists who are specialized in using medical, physical & rehabilitative methods & surgeries.


We own a team of specialized physicians who fit into particular areas of medical science; henceforth we also have both surgeons & physicians, who are experts in diagnosis & treatment of the particular illness. Our physicians are great at examining patients, understanding their medical histories, prescription of medicines & preventive healthcare. In addition to this, they are also experts when it comes to counselling their patients about diet and hygiene as per the requirement of their medical condition.

Nephrology Department

The Nephrology Department is basically the subspecialty section of internal medicine that majorly deals with cases related to kidney disorder and dysfunction. As experts, our doctors deal with prevention, identification and also management of various kidney related diseases which cover a larger portion of internal medicine. Our Nephrologists are categorized as speciality in internal medicine and are well-versed about various medical conditions like vascular disorder, interstitial disorder, hypertension, dialysis, chronic kidney disease and kidney transplantation.